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Pitch It! Game

Awards and Recognition...

Presented at NY Toy Fair, ASTRA Toy Fair, TIA Toy Fair, Missouri DECA and ACTE State Conferences

Awarded '2012 Game of the Year' in the Party Game category by Creative Child Magazine

Awarded 'Best Vacation Children's Product - 2012' by Dr Toy

Featured in Ed Play online magazine among Best New Toy Products for 2012

Featured in California Business Education Association Spring 2012 Newsletter

Featured in Educents.com, Y98 of St Louis, and 'liked' by Taylor Swift and her brother Austin on Facebook

Featured in 'The Old Schoolhouse Magazine' as "Hands-down favorite game for kids 10 and up... including adults"

What some of our fans have shared...

Fabulous game! Not very often the whole family (10yrs-35 yrs) can equally enjoy a game! Easy enough for simple minds but open enough for the complex mind! - Katherine Stumpf

Great Game!! I played this with my family and we found it very enjoyable. What is wonderful about Pitch It!™ is the freedom you have to make it your own!! The game is simple and causes you to really think about a clever idea! Loved it! Unlike any other game I've ever played before. - Anthony Henderson

So I bought this game back in February sat down and played it with family, it was awesome. Never would have thought of some of the ideas my fellow family members came up with. It was excitement for hours. Thanks for the great game. - Jeremy Isenmann

Pitch It!™ is great hands-on learning for business classes and beyond, but more importantly, fun. Competition sparks creativity and communication, something any class could never have enough of. - Lindsay Trammel, MU '12 and Former DECA Student at Kirkwood HS

My students really enjoyed this game and have asked to play it again. As practice in creative thinking is one of our main goals in the gifted program, I am happy to have this game in my classroom, and will follow my students' suggestions and play it again and again." - Elizabeth Brisch, Lead Teacher of ALPHA Gifted Education Program, Pattonville Schools, St Louis, MO

This is actually a really fun game. As an adult, there are not too many board games that keep you interested. Pitch It!™ keeps you involved. You can present serious ideas or humorous ideas. The game takes the direction of the group you are playing with. - Andy Grothe

Just letting you know that we played the game at our annual department "holiday" outing (at a bar) yesterday. My amazing staff couldn't wait to play it again after the fun we had last year. They even wanted the same partners as last year. We had a great time playing it! Lots of laughs and a few groans at some of the pitches. It's a great team building game!! They've already picked partners for next year. Best of luck with the game! - Ann Mowry McMillian - EVP Sales at IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union

When you get something like "sell laptops to lawyers" you don't get to go TOO crazy, but if in the mix you get "sell ladders to accountants" or "Sell bookmarks to offshore fishermen" then you have the makings of some very funny ideas. My son's idea for selling "coffee pots to teen computer teckies" was for them to have a device - a sensor - attached to their head that transmitted what strength of coffee they wanted to the coffee pot so it could produce that. So, I recommend highly that you give it a try. Great for all ages above about 10 or 11. - Barbara Narby

This is such a great game and such a cool idea! Think of the product-pitching concept of the TV show Shark Tank, mix it with the way you win Apples to Apples (where your peers vote), and throw in a little bit of Pictionary....and you've got Pitch It!™

My family got this and we are already having a great time playing it... and we just bought it today! I'm in my late 20s and my parents are in their 50s/60s, but all of us can relate to the game and are super amused by the combinations we keep getting dealt! Sell bath toys to military personnel, how about selling cotton swabs to nuns? The names we've come up with and the drawings are hilarious. I can't wait to play this with a couple of glasses of wine to see just how nutso our drawings become! It will be part of our game night rotation this winter!

Thank goodness we bought a second one for our family friends (parents with two kids who are preteens) because I know once they play it, they will try to steal It! Anyways, it's a great game that's really interactive and makes you think on your feet. I would recommend this to anyone...it says 13+ on the box, but I think 10+ would be fine if you gave the younger ones a bit more time per round.

Give this game a try! I hope you love it as much as we do! - Madin77

Pitch It!™ is an awesome game for classrooms or families. It's a game that requires its players to develop a product in a short amount of time, and the players are required to "pitch" their product to the other players. The goal is to create the best products and win the highest amount of money from the other players' votes. Now, before you think this game is "all about business stuff", continue reading and I will point out some benefits of this game: 1. Group Work, 2. Public Speaking, 3. Creativity, and 4. Business skills - Educents

I would say this game is a mix of Cranium/Pictionary/Apples to Apples meets... Monopoly (gotta get the most money!) It's completely interactive, fun and enjoyable, plus it's all about group work and group effort. The best part is that it's actually educational as well. Good luck with pitching! - Hilary's Reviews on Educents.com